xskinnyminix (xskinnyminix) wrote in trip_on_this,

Where to do it?

Im doing acid with my younger brother this weekend (hopefully) and i guess the weather is supposed to be shitty. My question is where would be a good place for him to trip for his first time. My first time (as stated in the past entry) was at college, outside, both of which are out of the question, since i'll be on break.
Hes only 17 so it cant be at my house, since we want to start early, my parents will be home, so thats a no go.
Any ideas, im really stuck.
Im trying to think of friends houses that would let us crash for the day, but im not coming up with much.
Any ideas are welcome.
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i always thought that the zoo would be fun!!! Depending on the strength of the sid of course! x