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salvia zone!

so i'm in school right now, not doing shit so here's a random story i was just thinking of.

the fact that salvia is illegal in ohio now really pisses me off, because that shit is amazing.

the first time i ever did salvia i was at my friends house. he packed some weed in a bowl, then some salvia, then some more weed, then some more salvia, like layering it. there were about 5 of us in the room and we each took turns doing it to see what would happen to one another.

i did it first. i took a big hit and held it in for 30 seconds, like the salvia zone box directed. as i blew out the smoke i got a really cool tingling sensation all through my body. it kinda felt like waves of energy were shooting through out me. it felt incredible. i decided to close my eyes and lay back on the couch. we were listening to the sounds of animals fighting, or something like that, something cool but strange at the same time, and as i layed back, the inside of me started like, following the music. like my soul was trying to follow it. idk, i can't really describe it perfectly, but that's the best i can do. then, as it felt like i was following the music, i could see myself in my mind laying down, like i could see my entire body laying down, and all these little black silhouette people were walking all along my body following the music. and i could see the music in the near distance, but it was like a fuckin empire or something. like a mayan building looking thing. it was sweet.

my friends kept saying my name in different kinds of voices, and i would open my eyes and tell them "just wait! wait until it's over!" and i would close my eyes again and continue to my little music following thing.

coolest, yet weirdest drug experience i've ever had. the whole thing felt as if it had lasted hours, but when i asked my friends how long i was tripping for they said it had not even been 10 minutes.

awesome stuff. i highly suggest it. if you do the salvia zone, try the purple box!
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well i would mail you my CT salvia but it never did anything for me.... the other day i did madd rips of it outta my bong and did the whole holding it in as long as i possibly could..... only to feel giggly for like 5 minutes and then nothing i guess i shoulda smoked some weed with it too?
yeah definitely shoulda smoked some weed.
you would mail it to me?
how much do you got?


May 15 2010, 06:42:47 UTC 7 years ago

You don't really need weed with it, just pack it really tight and do it out of a vaperizer or a gravity bong. A vap is the best because it gets you high for about 15 to 20 minutes. Also, the band you were most likely listening to is called Animal Collectiv. They are fucking musical geniuses.
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