.nicole.marie. (ms_nicolemarie) wrote in trip_on_this,

quick question...

hello beautiful people.

: ]

my friends and i are all planning on taking mushies tonight. everyone has done them before, but they dont like to be outside when theyre tripping...which is totally weird because nature is amaaaaaaazing on those little mushies. BUTT here is my question. I have never done mushrooms inside before. I know that ill still have fun and everything, but what the hell is there to do inside on mushrooms. We were planning on smoking hookah, but im afraid somebody is going to get rowdy and knock shit over you know? I mean, obviously were going to listen to music and watch something gnarly and fractal on the television...but i mean...what else is there to do? You know how they have like those little games and tricks for when people are rolling? are there any for mushrooms?

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