xskinnyminix (xskinnyminix) wrote in trip_on_this,

acid trip

So i did my first tab of acid this weekend,with my boyfriend and two other friends, and it was nothing short of the best day of my life. Everything was so colorful and happy, i LOVED it. I had a little panic attack when reality hit my fantasy world (we were in the cafeteria at school,and i thought there was a public saftey officer (school cop) in there looking at me, but i was totally wrong) but aside from that, i loved it.
I dont see how people can do more than one tab though. When i was peaking, i didnt think i was ever going to be normal again.. hahah

-Dont get stuck in the bathroom- EVERYTHING in there is fun to look at, but there are better things outside.
-For that matter, dont go inside at all. It was a sunny day, and we all got sunburned, but it was worth it
-Find someone sober to give you a ride on a back road. Being "lost" is so much fun!!
-Get high. Weed made my head shoot up into the sky like a fucking balloon.
-Walk everywhere
-Do it with people you genuinely like, because you'll pick their flaws apart in your head, and ruin your trip.
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